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Fabi is an international touring artist from Oaxaca Mexico, ambassador to the Miami music legacy across the globe. 
His music carries a wide blend of world rhythms, with a powerful style and original sound. 
Trained in both worlds, the Jazz school and the modern folklore styles, Fabi has created a unique voice in the music industry of today, standing as a top shelf artist and concept creator. The lyrical content in his music is deep yet uplifting and inspirational!
Fabi, presents here the Acoustic trio, with Nay Roze on violin & vocals and Jennie Delgado on world percussion & vocals. 
The blend of this music is exquisite, enchanting and fun to dance to! 
Fabi is considered by many of his musical peers, as one of the pillars of the now world wide famous Miami sound. 


 “FABI is a powerful performer with the sonic presence of artist such as Sting! FABI is a global groove master, considered by many of his peers, one of the main pillars of the Miami Sound!”
 Ernest Barteldes:
New York times

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